i'm south asian j indian, hindu, non binary & lesbian. i go by he love pronouns only, no she or they them please. also don't use gendered terms on me if idk you. i don't have a name preference so feel free to call me any!

cr buncrds slight ib giamgri
don't use gendered terms on me if i don't know you and also no she her or they them pronouns as it makes me uncomfy. most of the groups/people in my loves list i just casually listen to, i'm not necessarily a fan. if you want copies of my carrds you can ask on my retrospring or twitter! check my carrd archive before asking for copies & please don't ask for copies that are outside your pro plan.

guidelines i make kms/kys jokes (mainly only with my friends) but lmk if you're uncomfy, i dont use tone tags but i will if you need them, i'm inactive sometimes, use tws/cws with me, i talk about groups i dont like sometimes, i use caps a lot.

go away over 18, basic dni criteria, if you like skz, suju, clc, enhypen, oh my girl (doesn't apply if you've been affected by their actions or you hyperfixate). homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, racist, invalidate neoprns, kpop over morals, you take kpop too seriously, anti desi or poc.

mp3 fromis_9 wjsn lesserafim newjeans raveena keshi stayc loona youra clairo dia gwsn yukika cherrybullet youha cignature flo the neighborhood arctic monkeys mitski cigarettes after sex arijit singh shreya ghoshal pritam and many more

media youth of may, true beauty, wfkbj, f4 thailand, 2gether, shooting stars, sweet home, all of us are dead, shadow beauty, my id is gangnam beauty, the doctors, alice in borderland, girl from nowhere, business proposal, twenty five twenty one

A if you could use my referral code while upgrading ur pro plan i'd appreciate it a lot!find me i crd acc rkive retrospring referral youtubenotes please do not make tuts on my crds as i probably will be making them myself, when ur asking me for copies check out my rkive so you're aware of the carrds i dont give copies of. same goes for tutorials, please don't ask for tutorials of carrds if they dont doesnt feel uncomfy for has comms set up!